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1977 – 1982 Punk Rules OK!
When I was in high school in the end of the seventies, it was a period of declining economy, rising unemployment, fear of the arms race and the boredom of mainstream culture. The punk movement was the answer to all that. Punk teached me to follow my dreams, do it myself and to take action. That resulted in playing guitar in a punk band, illustrating magazines and billboards and street art. Art on the street started with leaving band names and punk slogans on the walls with a black marker.

Harold Heikens 1982 Elektra Sliedrecht Foto: J. KorswagenPunk played a hand in the revival of stencil art. I made my first stencil in 1978 inspired by the stencil made graffiti I saw in British and Dutch punkzines and on the street. I used letters and pics from all kinds of magazines and newspapers to make one color designs.

Me and my friends used our stencils to spray on walls, clothing and everything else. I loved it, it was an awesome way for me to unload my creative overload and to express myself. Unfortunately there is as far as I know no work left from that period. Although it was fun and made me happy I made my last stencil in 1982.

The punk movement was not only a happy creative happening but also self-destructive and largely fueled by amphetamine and alcohol.

Lots of young punks died because of an overdose or bad drugs. After balancing a few times between life and death myself, I eventually left the scene in 1983.


Punk Rotterdam

February 2016 I will start working on the 77-82 project. Memories from those years will be sprayed on canvas. Check the Punk Art page or like my Facebook Page regularly to enjoy the results